Using a virtual data room has become quite common these days because it can provide companies with the speed, efficiency, and security they need. VDRs are decent at storing your sensitive data and simplifying many business operations, but choosing your provider can be tricky. Despite the broad market for VDR products, a company must choose carefully which tool is right for them. In this article, we will review the Digify VDR and highlight its main features so you can see if it’s right for your business.

Digify VDR – general outline

Virtual data room provider Digify is one of the new generations of data room providers, as the program was launched in 2011. The product was created from scratch based on the main requirements of business companies. VDR provides its services to all types of businesses from small to large, and it is often used in banking and government institutions.

 The main purpose of Digify VDR is to provide easy transactions and strengthen cooperation links, and the provider does its best to provide its clients with the right tools.  The security of the space is top-notch, and its flexible pricing can compete.

The Digify provider offers its services in English only and supports almost all operating systems except iOS. VDR’s storage capacity is 100GB, and you also have the option to use a trial demo of the product or its free one-week version. Customer support is always available to answer your call or email.

Key Features of Digify VDR

Below we will provide a list of the key features that the vendor provides to its customers, we will give them a short description and highlight their main benefits:

  • Security and Hosting

Digify VDR provides us with several top security certifications, including ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, SOC 1, GDPR, and HIPAA, which shows that its security is recognized internationally. It also shows that Digify’s data room can be used in a wide variety of applications, including medical. The program also constantly backs up your data, so in case of corruption, or other errors, your documentation is safe. Two-factor authentication protects logins from hacking and unauthorized access.

  • Easy to use

All data can be downloaded quickly and easily using drag and drop functionality and it does not take you long to organize it either, as the program automatically indexes all documents that are included in the VDR. The sync with desktop feature automatically transfers any changes you’ve made to a document to the same document on your desktop and vice versa. A title and the content search function will also make it easier for you to find the document you want.

  • Document Protection

Digify VDR takes responsibility for the security of your documents and tries to minimize the chance of data leakage as much as possible. It does this by using detailed permissions features that prohibit copying, downloading, or forwarding a document, customizable watermarks that help you track your document even outside the space, and strong encryption methods, both at rest and during document transmission.  A document timing feature lets you revoke access to documents even if the document has already been uploaded to an outside space.

  • Interface and collaboration

The program’s interface is quite simple and allows owners to customize it to match their brand and logo. It also allows for special custom invitation letters to be sent. For improved communication between users within the space, the vendor provides a question and answer section as well as secure messaging via encrypted chat.